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Best Hotels to Stay in La Fortuna Costa Rica Arenal

Planning a trip to the lush jungles of La Fortuna, Costa Rica? The Arenal area (La Fortuna) in Costa Rica is easily one of the best places to visit during a trip to Costa Rica. There are many hotels to stay in around the La Fortuna area, so you may be wondering how to choose. That is why I have taken the time to highlight where to stay in La Fortuna with the best hotels to choose from in a range of different budgets.

You will find lovely La Fortuna resorts, Boutique hotels, and a top hostel for solo and budget travelers. The La Fortuna hotels are known for eco-tourism, so you can expect locally sourced food and be surrounded by nature.

Additionally, I have included links to all the hotels via Bookingdotcom, where you can see additional photos, guest reviews, and current pricing to book your stay in La Fortuna. We have been using them since 2018.

I personally enjoy their flexible cancellation policy, flexible payments, and ease of booking.

Mt. Arenal Volcano
Mt. Arenal Volcano

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Best Time to Visit La Fortuna

Before booking your La Fortuna Hotel, I wanted to briefly go over the best time to visit the La Fortuna area. Costa Rica has two main seasons; the dry season and the rainy season.

During the dry season, also known as the high season, prices will be higher, and booking in advance will be very important. The high season is from December through April.

The low season, or rainy season begins in May. This is also called the green season because this is when the area starts to really bloom. You will generally find better pricing during the rainy season. If you plan to drive around Costa Rica, you will need a car with 4 Wheel drive during the rainy season. Here are more Costa Rica travel tips to know before you go!

We visited Costa Rica in May and found it mainly rained in the afternoon, giving us plenty of time to enjoy our day when we started early. Months that you should consider avoiding should be in September, October, and the beginning of November. These are some of La Fortuna’s wettest months.

Toucan in the trees in La Fortuna

Tabacón Thermal Resort & Spa (Luxury)

The Tabacón Thermal Resort is the perfect spot for relaxation and revitalizing your energy! The resort is spa focused and is home to multiple spa features, including hot spring baths, a sauna, 5 swimming pools, and luxury beauty treatments.

They are known to have one of the best hot springs in the La Fortuna Area. Even if you are not a guest of the hotel, you can still buy a day pass to enjoy the hot springs.

The rooms and suites are also full of high-quality components, including garden views that unfold the majestic scenery of Costa Rica, modern décor, free toiletries, bathrobes, slippers, and you will also be greeted with a complimentary welcome cocktail upon arrival!

It is noted that the customer service is great and that the staff “go the extra mile” for their guests, the food is “high-quality,” and the rooms are “comfortable and spacious.”

The average price of a room per night during high season is around $598 USD. During the low season, the price decreases to around $484 per night.

The resort is a 20-minute drive from the main square in La Fortuna, so having a car to get around is recommended.

See photos, reviews, and availability for Tabacon Thermal Resort here.

Address: Noreste de Centro de la Fortuna de San Carlos 13 Km, Provincia de Alajuela, Nuevo Arenal, Costa Rica

Arenal River
Arenal River near Tabacon Hot Springs

The Springs Resort & Spa at Arenal (Luxury)

The Springs Resort & Spa at Arenal inserts you directly into the breathtaking views of Costa Rica as it is right across from Arenal Volcano and valley – providing you with an unbelievable view.

The hotel itself is grand, with 5 restaurants to choose from, 5 waterfall pools, and a sushi bar! The rooms include large double beds and private bathrooms. Not only that, but the Spring’s spa is available for guests and offers a range of unique treatments like floating water massages and body wraps that are in keeping with the theme of the resort as they use volcano clay!

During the high season (December – April), you can expect to pay around $1000 USD a night, and in the low season, approximately $850 USD.

If you don’t plan on leaving this massive resort, you shouldn’t need a car as they have some activities on site, and tours can pick you up from here. However, if you plan on spending time in other Costa Rica cities, a car will be useful. 

Even if you do not stay as a guest, you can get a day pass to enjoy some of their springs, which is what we did. We even saw a sloth and toucan on the property. It is one of the best things to do in La Fortuna, Costa Rica!

Find Availability for The Springs Resort here.

Address: 9 Km Oeste y km 4 Norte del Centro de la Fortuna, La Fortuna, 21007, Costa Rica

Mt. Arenal in La Fortuna
Views from the Springs Resort Lobby
The Springs Resort hot springs waterfall
Sloth in tree in La Fortuna

Amor Arenal Adults Friendly (Luxury)

In the heart of Costa Rica’s nature, this resort inserts you straight into the wildlife that Costa Rica has to offer.

The resort offers accommodations like a shower overlooking the nearby volcano, private jacuzzis, trails, and exceptional customer service! Additionally, they have a mineral pool and swim-up wet bar.

Each review exclaims about the extra effort that the staff put in to ensure that your stay is comfortable and memorable.

They have an age minimum of 13 years old, so you can expect this resort to be more couples-focused, which can be perfect for honeymooners.

During high season, you can expect to pay around $680 for one night. Then, in low season, you can expect slightly less, but currently, it is not far off.

There is a paid airport shuttle service available if you don’t plan on renting a car. However, many of the main La Fortuna attractions will require a car unless you plan to do some tour-led activities.

See photos, reviews, and availability for Amor Arenal here!

Address: 7 km Oeste del Centro de La Fortuna en la Ruta 142 Camino al, Parque Nacional Volcán Arenal, Provincia de Alajuela, La Fortuna, 21007, Costa Rica

Nayara Gardens Costa Rica (Luxury)

Guests have described their stay at Nayara Gardens as ‘unbelievable’ and ‘magical.’ The definite highlight of the Nayara Gardens resort is how it is surrounded by the natural rainforest of Costa Rica.

The resort is set with individual, private bungalows made from soft-crafted wood furniture, which create a nature-filled paradise that is accompanied by luxurious spa treatments. Nayara Gardens really gives off boutique hotel vibes, giving you a more exclusive experience.

You can also easily book activities through the resort, including safaris and horseback riding.

The reviews online mention how this accommodation ‘exceeds expectations’ and explain how the resort has the ‘perfect facilities to relax and enjoy the beautiful nature.’

The average price during the high season is $900 USD. During low season the prices change to approximately $830 USD.

See photos, reviews, and availability for Nayara Gardens here!

Nayara Springs is its sister hotel and is also highly sought after for its luxurious amenities.

Address: 702 road 21007, Provincia de Alajuela, La Fortuna, Costa Rica

Costa Rica La Fortuna Flower

Arenal Manoa Resort & Hot Springs (Mid-Budget)

The Arenal Manoa Resort & Hot Springs offer the most amazing views with a beautiful hot spring for you to visit, and you can also arrange specific activities through the resort, including a tour of Manoa Farm, the Venado Caves, and hiking trails.

The resort has modern décor, an extensive garden, and a sun terrace with a swimming pool, which makes this the perfect place to really relax.

The food served here is international dishes, so you will always find something that you love, and the customer service is noted as being impeccable, with the staff going out of their way to ensure you have a great time.

During high season, you can expect to pay around $280 per night low season only lower slightly to $260 per night. 

The resort is a quick 10-minute drive from the Arenal Volcano National Park and the town center, so you may not need a car if you are happy to walk the distance, however, unless you plan on doing sightseeing through group tours, having a car will be useful.

See photos, reviews, and availability for Arenal Manoa Resort & Hot Springs here!

Address: La Palma de la Fortuna Hotel Arenal Manoa Alajuela San Carlos, 21007, Costa Rica

Los Lagos Spa & Thermal Resort Experience (Budget)

Los Lagos Spa & Thermal Resort Experience is a tropical resort-style hotel with natural hot springs, gardens, zip lining, horseback riding, and a spa, all accompanied by a spectacular view of the famous Costa Rican volcano. The Mt. Arenal Volcano views from this resort really are incredible – I can attest!

We stayed here and had a lovely stay. I truly enjoyed waking up every day to the stunning views and tropical vibes. We saw several toucans fly over and dozens of hummingbirds in the garden area. I would recommend the Superior room.

Breakfast was included in our booking. We always use Bookingdotcom, which has a flexible cancellation policy and usually includes breakfast. The pizza by the bar/pool is also pretty good.

Also note, the wifi closer to the volcano is spotty, however, we found wifi to be spotty all around Costa Rica.

To stay during the high season is approximately $150 USD, and the low season prices are closer to $110 per night – making this hotel a much more affordable option while still getting to enjoy the nature that Costa Rica has to offer.

We rented a car and found it very useful to get to nearby attractions nice and early.

Check Availability for Los Lagos Spa & Thermal Resort here!

Address: 6 km oeste del Parque Central, Alajuela Province, La Fortuna, 21007, Costa Rica

Los Lagos outside lodge
Los Lagos inside of room
Los Lagos view of Mt. Arenal Volcano
The View from outside our room

Hotel El Silencio del Campo (Mid-Budget)

This La Fortuna Hotel is stunning and surrounded by the birds of Costa Rica. With the added components of thermal baths, massage services, and natural springs, this hotel is a relaxing stay for all ages.

The unique aspect of this hotel is the organic farm full of fun animals you can interact with and enjoy! We were lucky to have a local friend take us on a night tour of the property to walk through the gardens and look for some red-eyed tree frogs. Their property is very nice.

During high season you can expect to pay around $270 per night, and in low season around $230.

This hotel is only a 6-minute drive from La Fortuna and a 20-minute drive from the Arenal Volcano National Park!

Check Availability for El Silencio del Campo here!

Address: 5 Km West Of La Fortuna Central Park, Alajuela Province, La Fortuna, Costa Rica

two red eyed tree frogs in la fortuna costa rica at night

Selina La Fortuna (Budget)

If you’re looking to meet other travelers, this La Fortuna Hostel may be your perfect spot.

Despite having smaller rooms and fewer activities, this hostel is located downtown, so you will find a lot of restaurants within walking distance. 

Selina La Fortuna does offer a continental breakfast, free private parking, a bar, a pool, and a shared lounge.

The prices during the high season for a one-night stay are approximately $80 and around $63 during the low season.

See photos, reviews, and availability for Selina La Fortuna here!

Address: Avenida 325 75 meters east of the bus terminal La Fortuna Provincia de Alajuela CR 21007, Provincia de Alajuela, La Fortuna, Costa Rica

Getting to La Fortuna in Arenal

Now that you know where to stay in La Fortuna, you may be wondering how to get there. There are two International Airports. The most common airport is the San Jose International Airport (SJO). It takes around 2 and a half hours to get to La Fortuna by car.

You can find all my tips on renting a car in Costa Rica in my travel tips (which is linked at the beginning).

You can also fly into the Liberia International Airport (LIT). The distance to La Fortuna is about the same, so whichever airport offers a better price will be your best bet. You can find the best prices from your airport using Skyscanner.

Generally speaking, it is best to rent a car in Costa Rica unless you prefer group tours. Most hotels will offer a paid shuttle service from the airport. Because most of the hotels are resort-style, it makes walking to major attractions is out of the question.

Some of the top attractions you will want to visit in La Fortuna include:

  • The La Fortuna Waterfall
  • Mistico Hanging Bridges
  • Mt. Arenal National Park
  • The many La Fortuna hot springs

Additionally, if you plan to visit any other nearby cities and towns, including Monteverde Cloud Forest, Lake Arenal, Manuel Antonio National Park, Rio Celeste, and Jaco, a car will be your best option.

Read: Ultimate Rio Celeste Waterfall Guide (pictured below)

Rio Celeste Waterfall
Rio Celeste Waterfall

Where to Stay in La Fortuna, Costa Rica Hotels Guide Wrap-up

This concludes some of the best hotels in La Fortuna. I hope you have the most incredible vacation in this beautiful country!

Have any questions about where to stay in La Fortuna, or feel like I missed something? Please let me know in the comments below! Pura Vida!

Did you find this “Best Hotels in La Fortuna” Guide helpful? I’d appreciate it if you could share it below!

Where to Stay in La Fortuna Costa Rica Best Hotels
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    • Hi! I am glad you found it helpful! I would recommend where we stayed at Los Lagos – https://findloveandtravel.com/la-fortuna-hotels-arenal-costa-rica/#Los_Lagos_Spa_Thermal_Resort_Experience_Budget. The rooms are nothing fancy, but at a good price, and the pool area is good for kids and the pizza at the bar area was pretty good – I ordered it several times! They have their own on-site nature trails. We saw a ton of hummingbirds through there. They also had a cutter-ants display. If you do not have a car, you will need to go with a tour to both the bridges and the waterfalls. I had a fantastic tour guide for Mistico Bridges. He spotted a ton of wildlife to us that we would have never noticed, and he had a telescope. I purchased through Viator, but I can just give you his personal info if you email me. hello@findloveandtravel.com – you can tell him the travel blogger Sam & Alex gave you his info. We met him at Mistico Bridges. For the Waterfall – try to get there when it opens, because once the crowds arrive, it starts to feel unenjoyable. Hope this all helps! Have the best time!


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