28 Savannah Photos to Inspire Your Next Trip

Savannah Photos That Will Have You Planning Your Vacation

Known for its southern charm, Savannah is one of the most picturesque cities you can visit! Located on Georgia’s coast, get ready to see historic homes, cobblestone streets, oak trees covered in Spanish moss, and more! Below find 28 Savannah, Georgia photos to inspire your next trip to the Hostess of the South.

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1. E Jones Street

Jones Street Trees in Savannah
Jones Street in Savannah. Woman in red dress standing near homes with American flags

One of my favorite places to take photos in Savannah is Jones Street. In fact, Jones Street is known as the most beautiful street in Savannah. Furthermore, Jones Street has regularly made the list as one of the most beautiful streets in the United States. The street offers historic homes from the 1800s with oak trees drenched in Spanish moss.

2. River Street

River Street photos Savannah Georgia

River Street is one of the most iconic places to visit while in Savannah. Lined in cobblestone streets, candy stores, great restaurants, and shops, it is a beautiful place to take photos of Savannah, as well as, hang out and relax.

3. The Riverfront

The Queen Georgia riverboat in Savannah
Bohemian Hotel balcony with a view of the Riverfront in Savannah

The Riverfront is another iconic place in Savannah! You can take endless photos of the Savannah River with the iconic Georgia Queen boat, the Plant Riverside District, and even dolphins.

4. Columbia Square

Columbia Square oak tree in Savannah GA
Columbia Square
Kehoe historic Inn Savannah photos
Kehoe Historic Inn

Columbia Square is one of my favorite squares to visit. They have a beautiful water fountain, giant oak trees, the Davenport House, and the Kehoe Historic Inn. It is also one of the more quiet squares in Downtown Savannah.

5. Lafayette Square

Lafayette Square fountain with oak trees

Another charming Savannah Square is Lafayette Square. It sits right by The Cathedral Basilica of Saint John the Baptist with a lovely fountain and mature live oak trees blanketed in Spanish Moss.

6. Wormsloe Historic Site

Wormsloe tree line is perfect for a weekend in Savannah
Wormsloe Historic Site

One of the most famous places to see photos of Savannah is at the Wormsloe Plantation. With a 1.5 mile long road of oak trees, you can easily see why people love visiting. The plantation has been featured in several movies and is home to the oldest standing structures in Savannah.

7. Bonaventure Cemetery

Bonaventure Cemetery in Savannah is very photo-worthy

Bonaventure Cemetery is one of the most popular cemeteries to visit and photograph in Savannah, especially during the Azalea season. The Cemetery is 160 acres and used to be a plantation.

8. Monterey Square E Gaston St.

Scudders row door in Savannah Georgia

Monterey Square is one of the original 22 Squares laid out by Savannah’s founders. You will find beautiful historic homes lined around it, including this one.

9. Owen-Thomas House

Owen-Thomas House in Savannah GA

The Owen-Thomas House and slave quarters are a top attraction in Savannah. It was the first home in the USA to have running water and plumbing in 1819. Admission to the home will also give you access to the Telfair Museum and Jepson Center of Modern Art. Learn more here.

10. Oglethorpe Square

Oglethorpe square in Savannah is one of the best instagrammable places

Right across from the Owen-Thomas home, find Oglethorpe Square lined with benches and live oak trees draped in Spanish Moss. This square is unique in that it doesn’t have any monuments.

11. Forsyth Park

Forsyth Park is a must-see with a weekend in Savannah Georgia

One of the most famous Savannah photo spots is at Forsyth Park Fountain. This park is the largest in Savannah, and the fountain is over 150 years old!

12. Chippewa Square

Chippewa Square walkway in Savannah

Chippewa Square is most notably known as the filming location for Forrest Gump’s bench scene. While the bench is not really there, the park is still a lovely place to visit in Savannah. It is one of our favorite squares.

13. The Cathedral Basilica of Saint John the Baptist

Savannah photos of Basilica of Saint John

You will most definitely see The Cathedral Basilica of Saint John the Baptist in the Savannah skyline. With beautiful stained windows and ceiling work, the church is an iconic photo depicting Savannah.

14. Rainbow Row

Rainbow Row Savannah Georgia photos

Did you know that Savannah has its own form of Rainbow Row? This quiet part of Savannah makes a picture-perfect area to visit.

15. Savannah Theatre

Savannah Theater with trees

The Savannah Theatre is one of the oldest theatres still operating. It opened its doors in 1818. Due to a fire, the theater was restored to its current art-deco design in 1948.

16. Johnson Square

Johnson Square in Savannah, Georgia.

Johnson Square was the first and largest Square in Savannah. The square features 2 fountains, a sundial, and a memorial obelisk to Nathanael Greene, a Major General in the Revolutionary War. 

17. Talmadge Memorial Bridge

Savannah Sunset on the Riverfront
Rocks on the River Rooftop

Built in 1991, the Talmadge Memorial Bridge is an icon of Savannah’s Riverfront. You can get views like this from one of Savannah’s rooftop bars.

18. The Mercer-Williams House

Mercer Williams House is a must-see with a weekend in Savannah

One of Savannah’s most famous and historic homes is the Mercer Williams house. The home stretches the entire block, is known to be haunted, and was the center of attention from the book and movie Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil – a great read before visiting Savannah, Georgia!

19. Tybee Island Lighthouse

Just about 25 minutes from Downtown Savannah, Tybee Island makes for the perfect postcard. Offering 5 miles of beach, the Tybee Island Lighthouse, and pier, you will find it is the perfect stop for relaxation.

20. The Gingerbread House

Gingerbread home in Savannah Georgia

Built in 1899, The Gingerbread House is one of the most unique homes in Savannah’s Historic District. The home is known as one of the finest examples of Steamboat Gothic architecture in the USA.

21. The Olde Pink House

The Olde Pink House in Savannah. Woman in blue dress in front of restaurant

The Olde Pink House Mansion serves as one of the most famous eateries in Savannah, Georgia. The mansion was originally built-in 1771.

22. Laurel Grove Cemetery

Laurel Grove Cemetery Entrance

Known as a hidden gem to local Savannahians, Laurel Grove Cemetery was developed in 1850 as other cemeteries, such as Colonial Park Park Cemetery, reached capacity. True to its time, the cemetery was segregated with a north and south section. Many prominent people have been buried here, and it is a popular place to tour for history buffs.

23. Leopold’s Ice Cream

Leopolds Ice Cream Sign

Founded in 1919, Leopold’s Ice Cream was founded by 3 Greek brothers. It is the most famous place in Savannah to get ice cream and is still family-run. The ice cream joint has been featured in outlets such as Forbes, Travel & Leisure, and Conde Nast Traveler!

24. Mansion at Forsyth Park

Forsyth Mansion hotel in Savannah Georgia

An Iconic hotel across from Forsyth Park. The Mansion at Forsyth is also one of the best hotels to stay at in the area. Check Availability!

25. Savannah City Hall

Savannah City Hall photos

Built-in 1905, Savannah City Hall is most easily recognized by its Copper dome. You can see it from the Riverfront.

Savannah Photos Wrap-up

This concludes some of our favorite photos from Savannah! I hope these photos have inspired you to take a trip to Savannah!

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  2. I have been to the beautiful city of Savannah. Visited many of the beautiful parks but the most fun was a ghost tour. It was amazing and a little spooky. But Savannah is amazing. The pictures are beautiful.


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