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Thailand Island Hopping Boat Trip from Krabi

Planning on visiting Krabi, Thailand? Your trip wouldn’t be complete without some Thailand Island Hopping! During our visit, we knew we wanted to plan a boat trip to island-hop around the Thailand Islands! Upon our arrival in Krabi, we set out to bargain with vendors.

Below I review what to expect and how to book your tour! We stayed at Kokotel hotel situated on the main road by Ao Nang Beach where we found vendor booths on either side of the road.

Finding A Tour

Originally, we wanted to pick a tour group with the best reviews but found they all had negative reviews. This is when we started bargaining with each vendor for the lowest price.

We finally made our booking with Nang An Travel & Tour for a 5 island tour. We almost went with a 7 island tour and were so glad we didn’t! Our tour included Vikings Cave, Maya Bay, Monkey Beach, Phi Phi Island, Bamboo Island, and two additional stops (one for snorkeling and one to swim.)

TIP: Keep in mind when they say 5 Thailand island hopping tour, it’s not always 5 islands, but usually 5 stops. Some of these stops are just drivebys without getting out of the boat. We also found that the hotel wanted to charge us a lot more for the same trip.

Your complete guide for Island Hopping in Thailand! Find out everything you need to know before booking your tour!
Island hopping, Thailand

Packing List For Island Hopping in Thailand

Disclaimer: Please note this post contains affiliate links which I receive a small commission at no additional cost to you.  

Before going on this tour we would definitely recommend packing the below items!

  1. Coral-reef safe sunscreen. Believe it or not, traditional sunscreen can cause damaging effects to coral reefs. It’s also good to bring your own sunscreen in general since Thailand sunscreen has whitening agents in it. Our two go-to sunscreens are Juice Beauty SPF 30 and Blue Lizard Australian Sunscreen Sensitive SPF30 
  2. A wet bag. This way you can guarantee your valuables stay dry. We bought one from a street vendor by our hotel.
  3. Quick-dry towel. These are super compact and dry so well!
  4. An underwater camera if possible. I use the GoPro hero 6 and love it since you do not need a casing for certain depths!
  5. Sunglasses & Swimwear (obvi)
  6. We always pack a little snack in case we get really hungry
  7. Extra cash in case you want to purchase something at one of the stops


Are you ready for your Thailand Island hopping tour? We were picked up in the morning with a group of other people and brought to the dock. The tour did not start on time and from our research they never do. We were all divided into which tours we were doing and directed to our Speed-boat to start our trip.

Vikings Cave and Swimming

The views of South Thailand by boat are really spectacular! The water was relatively flat, but I got really seasick. I’ve never been seasick before, but I guess there is a first for everything.

With that being said, I would definitely recommend bringing seasickness remedies. I now use the sea-band wrist bracelets and find they work for me! Our first stop was the Vikings Cave, where you quickly look at the most beautiful water I’ve ever seen! We were told it was still so clear because swimming is not allowed.

Next, we made it to a cliff area where other boats were parked for swimming! It was a nice break to get off of the boat before heading to Maya Bay, which is now closed. We were definitely happy to hear the beach had closed. During our visit, there was a ton of trash on the beach and even waste floating in the water. Now they are just doing stops so you can view Maya bay. I believe the view of Maya Bay is still worth it!

Lunch at Phi Phi Islands

Our next stop was for lunch at the Phi Phi islands. We had about 40 minutes here to eat and explore. The lunch was pretty average (buffet style), so if you have extra money to spare, I would probably eat somewhere else. In my opinion, the allotted time for Phi Phi island wasn’t enough to really explore the island.

If you have extra days in your itinerary, I would recommend either doing a full day trip or a couple of nights there.

Your ultimate guide for Island Hopping in Thailand! Find out everything you need to know before booking your tour!
Phi Phi Island

Monkey Beach and Bamboo Island

After lunch, we drove by monkey beach where we could see the monkeys hanging on the cliffs. In the past, you were able to go on the beach until people started to get bit by the monkeys. The monkeys are wild and have been known to occasionally bite. Seeing them was still pretty cool and they were even swimming!

Your ultimate guide for Island Hopping in Thailand! Find out everything you need to know before booking your tour!
Monkey Beach

After the quick pit-stop to monkey beach, we headed to Bamboo beach. Bamboo beach was actually my favorite beach in Thailand. The water was crystal clear with shells all along the sand. We spent about 25-30 minutes here. Believe it or not, there’s actually no bamboo on the island. Our tour guide told us that they were all washed away during a tsunami that hit the island years ago.


Our last stop was snorkeling. We were given equipment and jumped into the water. The water was really clear and there were lots of fish swimming around. The staff was even throwing in little pieces of bread, bringing all the fish to the surface and all-around your mask.

Thailand Island Hopping Overall

After snorkeling, we made our way back to the dock. They cut up fresh fruit for us which was really nice,  after a long day in the sun. Once we arrived at the docks we were given a ride back to our hotel. Overall we really enjoyed the Thailand island hopping boat tour. It gave us the opportunity to see a lot of Thailand by water, which in my opinion is so beautiful!

If you are able to find our tour group I would definitely recommend them! By the time we got back to the hotel from our tour, we were so exhausted. This made us so glad we didn’t choose the 7 stops as it would have just been too much! For more guides on Thailand including Krabi, click here!

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  1. This boat tour looks like total paradise! Island hopping is one of the best things ever.
    Good to know that you have to do some research to not get overcharged!


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