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Where Stay in Rovaniemi Finland – Best Hotels in Rovaniemi

Are you planning a trip to Rovaniemi, Finland, and not sure where to stay? I know all too well that figuring out where to stay can be the most daunting part of planning a trip. That is why I have done a ton of research along with reading more reviews than I’d like to admit in helping you decide where to stay in Rovaniemi.

Below, I have created a list of boutique hotels and unique places to stay in Rovaniemi and beyond in an effort to help you narrow down some of the top choices.

This Rovaniemi hotel guide includes links to all the hotels via Bookingdotcom, where you can see additional photos, guest reviews, and current pricing to book your stay in Rovaniemi.

I love using Bookingdotcom because they typically have a very flexible cancellation policy, flexible payments, and ease of booking. Additionally, the more you book, the better the discounts as a member (free).

Where to stay in Rovaniemi best places to stay in Rovaniemi - Apukka

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Best Time To Visit Rovaniemi

Before jumping right into the best places to stay in Rovaniemi, I want to cover the best times to visit Lapland’s Capital. So, the best time to visit Rovaniemi depends on the type of experience you would like.

Rovaniemi, Finland, is known as a winter destination, but they actually have tons of activities to do all year round. From skiing, safaris, hiking, and even visiting Santa Village, the opportunities are endless!

Winter is the most popular time to visit Rovaniemi, and for good reason. Not only are there countless festive-themed things to do, but there are opportunities to go skiing, snowmobiling and a higher likelihood of seeing the Northern lights in Finland!

If you want to visit during the winter, you will want to check out my ultimate Rovaniemi Winter Itinerary. That being said, this is when prices will be at their all-time high.

November – December are most popular for those wanting a Christmas experience. If you plan to visit during these months, booking as far in advance as possible is important. This is especially true if you want to stay in an igloo. These rooms go incredibly fast.

The months of October, February, and March are most popular for those looking to hunt the Northern Lights.

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During Spring and Summer, hotel prices are lower, and the temperatures are warmer. During this time, activities such as hiking, fishing, and canoeing are more present.

Rovaniemi Reindeer

Lapland Hotels Sky Ounasvaara

Just a 15 minute drive from the Rovaniemi Airport and a 7 minute drive from the city, this hotel is near some of Rovaniemi’s most popular attractions. The hotel itself has a Nordic theme with cabin-like rooms. Some of the rooms also have a private sauna.

The rooms all have modern facilities that will be sure to make your stay comfortable. Finland is relatively flat, however, the Lapland Hotels Sky Ounasvaara is at the top of the ski mountain, allowing you to ski and snowboard right outside the hotel.

Additionally, there are snowshoe trails, biking paths, and hiking trails right outside the hotel. There is also an on-site restaurant that serves traditional Lappish delicacies. Plus, a cute café, where you can cozy up in front of the fireplace.

We stayed at the sister Chalet lodge at the bottom of this Ski Resort (which is also great) but visited this resort to do the hiking trails and skiing. Our interactions with the staff were very friendly!

The nearby attractions include the Rovaniemi Art Museum, the Arktikum Science Centre, and Lordi Square, which are all in downtown Rovaniemi.

During the high season, you can expect to pay around or over $500 (December). Whereas in the off-peak season, the price is around $200 per night.

Address: Juhannuskalliontie, 96400 Rovaniemi, Finland

Ski Resort in Rovaniemi Lapland Finland
View from the top of the Ski Lift

Apukka Resort

If you’re dreaming of staying in an Igloo, I found Appuka Resort has some of the most affordable igloo huts. Additionally, their resort offers a ton of excursions right on-site that are done so well.

By staying at Appuka, you really don’t even need to leave the resort, which makes it one of the best places to stay in Rovaniemi. It is located right on a lake and surrounded by wilderness. We stayed at Appuka for 1 night, although I wouldn’t have minded staying here the whole time!

The resort has winter activities such as snowmobiling, husky safaris, reindeer sleigh rides, saunas, and more. Plus, during the other seasons, you can fish, take cooking courses, and visit their hiking trails, where you will be immersed in nature.

There are two types of cabins with glass roofs. The typical igloo-looking cabins, and then they have larger cabins with a glass ceiling for viewing the night sky and hopefully the Northern Lights!

They have several on-site restaurants, including some pretty good pizza. Breakfast is buffet style, and they have a lunch buffet style as well.

During the peak months, you can expect to pay roughly $380-$500+ per night. During the off-peak months, the rooms are around $220 per night.

Overall, we really enjoyed our stay here and the activities we did (huskies, snowmobiling, sauna, and outdoor jacuzzi).

Address: Tutkijantie 28, 96900 Rovaniemi, Finland

Staying in glass igloos in Rovaniemi is one of the best things to do
Apukka Igloos where to stay in Rovaniemi

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Arctic TreeHouse Hotel

Situated near Santa Park, the Arctic Treehouse Hotel experience is yet another one of the best and most unique places to stay in Rovaniemi. The Treehouse Hotel is surrounded by Lapland forest, which makes for stunning scenery since they have a full glass lookout view. They are also known as being a great hotel to see the Northern Lights in Rovaniemi.

The Nordic design of the hotel creates a cozy atmosphere. The rooms have private bathrooms, flat-screen TVs, and home comforts like tea and coffee-making facilities.

There are various activities that you can take part in while staying here, including cycling, skiing, hiking, and visiting attractions such as Santa Claus Village. The hotel is also just 2.1 miles away from the Rovaniemi airport.

Reviewers express their experience as a “luxury stay just outside of the city centre.” The hotel even has a WhatsApp group where the staff will notify you if the northern lights are visible so you don’t miss out!

During the winter, prices are approximately $745 a night. During the off-peak months, the rooms will cost approximately $280 a night.

Address: Tarvantie 3 Arctic Circle, 96930 Rovaniemi, Finland

Santa Claus Holiday Village

As the name suggests, this is one of the best places to stay in Rovaniemi when planning a trip at Christmas time. The accommodation is located in the heart of Santa Claus Village in the Arctic Circle.

The great thing about this accommodation in Rovaniemi is that they offer private cabins. Each cabin is fully equipped with saunas, kitchenettes, and a terrace with a view.

But that is not all that this resort has to offer. They host activities such as skiing and snowmobile safaris, boat experiences, biking, and rental fishing equipment. Additionally, there is also a multitude of hiking trails nearby.

To top it all off, you can find a number of restaurants in Santa Claus Village serving up a variety of food. There is free access to Wi-Fi in all of the public areas, and just a 10-minute walk away, you can meet the man himself, Santa Claus!

The reviews online describe this accommodation as a “Winter Wonderland” and a “magical experience.” Many of the reviews also state how the “spirit of the place is like no other and is well worth the visit.” This resort is especially popular for those traveling with children, as you will have everything a kid could want within walking distance.

During the low season, this accommodation is reasonably priced at $123 per night. During the peak season, prices increase above $285 per night.

Address: Tähtikuja 2, 96930 Rovaniemi, Finland

Arctic Circle at Santa Claus Village
Santa’s Village at the Arctic Circle

Arctic SnowHotel & Glass Igloos

One of the largest snow hotels in the world, the Arctic Snow Hotel and Glass igloos are an immersive experience.

The Snow Hotel is carved out of snow and ice every year, and they do a different theme each year. The walls and all of the furniture are decorated with incredible ice art that truly makes this one of the most unique places to stay in Rovaniemi. Even if you can’t spend the night, it is so popular to see that they even have day trips to visit!

Due to the cold temperatures, it is recommended that you only stay one night and you should pack thermal clothing. The room temperature is between 0-5 °F, but they do provide thick sleeping bags to keep you warm at night. Guests can always book the sauna or outdoor jacuzzi to warm up at $60 per person.

After a night sleeping on ice, you can stay at their glass igloos. Their igloo cabins have 360-degree glass roofs that create a cosmic experience viewing the skies.

The hotel is located on a lake, and oftentimes, the Northern lights are often spotted from here. There is also an ice restaurant and bar. Here, guests can enjoy a 3-course meal with drinks served in glasses made entirely from ice!

The glass igloos are usually $430 per night, and to spend a night in a standard room in the snow hotel will cost around $185 per night. This hotel is located about 40 minutes from the airport.

Address: Lehtoahontie 27, FI-97220 Sinettä – Finland

The Arctic Snow Hotel
Credit: ziggysofi/depositphotos

Glass Resort

The Glass Resort is an accommodation also located in Santa Claus Village. The resort has floor-to-ceiling windows, making for Rovaniemi’s most incredible views.

The reviews online describe this as a “world-class hotel,” and the lodges here provide such a cozy, welcoming atmosphere. Plus, they have a jacuzzi and sauna to relax in.

The Ounasvaara Ski Resort and the Arktikum Science Centre are both popular attractions that are just 5 minutes away. However, there are plenty of things to do while in Santa Claus Village, such as husky safaris, Snowman World, and walking around the Lappish forest.

This is considered luxury accommodation, so during the busy months, you can expect to pay $770 per night, and during the off-peak season, prices lower to around $650.

Address: Tähtikuja 16, 96930 Rovaniemi, Finland

Arctic Light Hotel

This boutique hotel in Lapland has more of a modern interior compared to the previous cabins mentioned, and it is actually located in the city centre. The Arctic Light Hotel has a fitness center, a sauna, a lounge bar, and breakfast.

This hotel is only 5 miles from the Rovaniemi Airport and is nearby to Santa Claus Village. If you don’t plan on renting a car, staying in the city centre can be a great option.

Also, just 200 yards from the hotel is the Sampokeskus Shopping Centre. You can find shopping stores, restaurants, and cute cafes within walking distance as well. This hotel is ideal for those who want to explore more of the city life in Lapland and not be in an extremely remote area.

That being said, hiking trails can still be found if you take a trip to Santa Claus Village.

The reviews online go into detail about how great the staff is here and how they go “above and beyond” to make the trip the best it can be.

During the peak months, prices are around $500 per night. During the off-peak months, prices lower to around $375 per night.

Address: Valtakatu 18, 96200 Rovaniemi, Finland

Other Glass Igloo and Northern Light Hotels in Lapland

Since Finland has some awesome accommodations designed to enjoy the night sky and the Northern Lights, I want to include some additional cool places to stay in Finland if you decide you want to explore more of Lapland.

Seaside Glass Villas

The Seaside Glass Villas is just 0.9 miles away from the town centre of Kemi and are ideal for a relaxed getaway by the beach. Unique in design, this is a great spot to experience seaside nature.

The glass villas are described as “unique and quiet,” with serene ice walks to the wooded island and saunas to unwind into. The property overlooks a picturesque lake, which many villas have a direct view of.

There are also various activities on site that you can take part in, such as fishing, cross-skiing, and canoeing. This is a great option for a more budget-friendly trip to Finland, that is also a unique hotel experience. During the peak months, the price is around $374, and during the off-peak months, it is $295.

Address: Lumilinnankatu 15, 94100 Kemi, Finland

Arctic Fox Igloos

Located on the Ranuanjavri Lake, the Arctic Fox Igloos are far from the city and create an atmosphere of complete silence. Each of the glass igloos has a picturesque view of the lake and the surrounding nature.

This makes for a perfect location for couples, families, or even solo travelers who are looking to have a quiet experience of reflection away from the hustle and bustle of a city.

Each igloo is equipped with modern facilities, including a kitchenette, free Wi-Fi, and a private sauna. Additionally, the Arctic Fox offers activities all year round.

During the winter, guests can ride on snowmobiles, meet Santa Claus, and even go on a Husky Safari. In the summer months, you can experience the midsummer light and enjoy activities, including safaris, hiking, and biking routes, or go on one of their organized nature experiences. Furthermore, they are a part of the Rauna Wildlife Park.

During the peak months, you can expect to pay around $883 per night, and during the off-season, you can expect to pay around $300.

Address: Rovaniementie 29, 97700 Ranua

Golden Crown – Levin Iglut

Conveniently close to Levi Ski Resort, the Golden Crown – Levin Iglut is known for its unobstructed views of Northern lights that can be seen from inside the igloos.

Guests can choose an igloo that fits their needs. There 3 suite igloos have king-size beds and private outdoor hot tubs for an extra comfortable stay, each with private bedrooms and mountain views.

During the months of September until April, there is a glass-roofed Scandinavian-style restaurant to enjoy an evening meal. All year round, there are shared BBQ facilities to have a BBQ out in the wild and warm up by the fire. The nearest airport to this resort is the Kittila Airport, which is 10.6 miles away. They are only open during high season (September – April), and prices begin at around $407 per night.

Address: Harjatie 4, 99130 Levi, Finland

Northern Lights Village

The Aurora Cabins are glass-roofed cabins situated in the winter forest of Saariselkä.

There is a list of activities at this accommodation, so travelers will never be short of something to do. For example, Northern Lights hunts, which are completed on snowmobiles and sleighs, husky safaris through the snowy forest, and even meeting reindeer.

During the summer, there are also activities such as fishing, canoeing, and jet skiing. Guests could even just spend the day exploring the surrounding nature and taking in the views from the sauna or hot tub. The on-site restaurant has both local and international dishes served in a buffet style.

During the winter months, prices are around $600+ per night, and during the summer months, they go down considerably to around $200. Additionally, you can also enjoy their cabins in Levi!

Address: Rovaniementie 3222 E, 99830 Saariselka, Finland

How to Get to Rovaniemi

Now that you know some of the best places to stay in Rovaniemi, Finland, you may wonder how to get here.

It is relatively easy to reach Rovaniemi, with more and more direct flights being added. If you can’t get a direct flight to Rovaniemi (RVN), most can get a direct flight to Helsinki (HEL), which is just about an hour away by plane.

Finnair operates most of these flights, however, you can find some budget airlines as well. Check Skyscanner for the best flights leaving from your airport.

Additionally, you can also take the overnight train from Helsinki, which can be a fun and unique experience.

Once you’re in Rovaniemi, the best way to get around is by renting a car. However, if you don’t want to drive, that is no issue since most of the activities offer pick-ups. Additionally, they have a pretty reliable public transportation system you can use.

I would recommend against using cabs, as the prices are outrageously high. You can rent a car for far cheaper.

Where to stay in Rovaniemi Apukka

Where to Stay in Rovaniemi Wrap-Up

This covers where to stay in Rovaniemi and other unique stays in igloos in Finland. I hope you found the hotel that you love the most and enjoy your trip to Rovaniemi!

Any questions about these places to stay in Rovaniemi or think an accommodation should be added? Let me know in the comments.

Find more travel tips on visiting Finland here (coming soon)!

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