Top Instagrammable Places in Amsterdam

So you’re visiting Amsterdam and looking for the best places to take pictures. I explored up and down the streets and canals of Amsterdam with a camera in hand to find some of the most picturesque spots! In this Amsterdam guide, I am sharing some of the most Instagrammable places in Amsterdam, like Damrak Waterfront, the Jordaan Neighborhood, and the Rijksmuseum, along with some other beautiful corners I discovered that you probably won’t find in other guides.

Additionally, you will learn photo tips and other related guides that will help you plan an incredible trip around these photo spots.

If this is your first time in Amsterdam, I also recommend checking out these Amsterdam travel tips (it will open on a new page, so you won’t lose your spot)!

Halvemaansbrug Bridge Sunset Instagrammable places in Amsterdam

Beautiful Amsterdam Photo Spots

Damrak Waterfront

I think Damrak Waterfront is easily one of the most Instagrammable places in Amsterdam. The mix of the beautiful buildings reflecting in the water with the canal, and even sometimes flowers, makes for such an iconic picture.

Photo Tip: Make sure you get here early in the morning before the canal cruises start. Once the boats start moving, it is hard to take a picture of the reflections. We arrived at 8:30 AM.

Damrak Waterfront is the most Instagrammable places in Amsterdam
One of the most Instagrammable places in Amsterdam

Jordaan Neighborhood

Known as one of the cutest neighborhoods in Amsterdam, there are Instagrammable streets down every corner! We loved just wandering around the neighborhood. Make sure to also stroll around Nine Streets which is a great shopping area! This is also a great neighborhood to stay in, although if it is your first time, you may want to be a little more central.

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Jordaan Neighborhood with a colorful bike

The Houses of 7 Countries (Zevenlandenhuizen)

This is a wildly popular street for Instagram goers because of the unique architectural designs from 7 different European countries. You will want to use a wide-angle lens or a phone with a wide-angle setting. It was raining like crazy during our visit, so no great pics of this one, but trust me, it is on everyone’s list.

Moco Museum

This fun modern museum has a futuristic room at the bottom that has every Instagrammer wanting to snap photos here. I have never been much of a modern art fan, so take this opinion with a grain of salt, but I don’t think it is worth visiting unless you really want the photo or into modern art.

It was a part of our Go City Pass, which was the only reason we browsed inside.

Inside the Moco Museum in Amsterdam

Rijksmuseum Library

If you love libraries, you won’t want to miss the active library inside the Rijksmuseum. It is important to get tickets in advance for the Rijksmuseum and plan to spend at least 2 hours exploring this massive museum.

Getting to the Library is a little tricky, so make sure you get a map of the museum and head towards the Great Hall on the 2nd floor. Walk through the Gallery of Honour to the Night Watch and make a right to the William Rex Ship. Then, make your first left into the library doors. If you want to take photos with a professional camera, you will need a super wide-angle lens because the space is tight. Cell phones work fine here!

Rijksmuseum Library

Outside Rijksmuseum

The Riksmuseum has such a lovely design, making the building itself quite Instagrammable. I really love photographing the backside near the Rijksmuseum Gardens.

Outside Rijksmuseum is very Instagrammable in Amsterdam

The Tulip Barn

The Tulip Barn is located just outside of Amsterdam, but if you’re visiting during tulip season, it is easily one of the most Instagrammable places to take photos. They put up a ton of super cute photo props, and there are also a ton of nearby farms with colorful flowers all around this area!

To get here, you will want to check out my guide on how to visit the tulip fields near Amsterdam.

Props at the Tulip Barn Flower Fields
The Tulip Barn
Photoshoot Posing in front of tulips in Amsterdam
Other Nearby Tulip Fields

Keukenhof Gardens

Technically, Keukenhof Gardens are outside of Amsterdam, but if you’re visiting during the Spring, I bet these gardens are on your Amsterdam itinerary. If your goal is to get good photos here, I recommend coming early in the morning or later in the day. Remember, these gardens are only open during the Spring.

Keukenhof Gardens with colorful flowers
Day trip to Keukenhof Gardens with GoCity Pass

Bloemenmarkt Floating Flower Market

You can’t miss this unique floating flower market in Amsterdam. Not only is it one of the most Instagrammable places in Amsterdam, but it is also a great spot to buy souvenirs. For photos, I really love the first shop nearest to the Munttoren Tower.

Photo Tip: Come early and if you’re taking lots of photos, you should also buy a small item.

Floating Flower Market in Amsterdam

Hortus Botanicus Amsterdam

This botanical garden takes it to the next level with elevated walkways and a giant glass dome filled with beautiful plants. Get here early if you want to avoid the crowds and get better photos.

Hortus Botanicus Amsterdam
Credit: Depositphoto – CreativeNature

Views From Staalmeestersburg Bridge

While most focus on taking photos of the Staalmeestersburg Bridge (also known as the Love Bridge), I think the more Insta-worthy photo is actually of the view of the Zuiderkerk Tower from the bridge. It was raining when we visited, but on a nice day, you can get some really pretty photos.

Zuiderkerk Tower from Staalmeestersbrug Bridge

Prinsengracht Prince’s Canal

Known as one of the prettiest canals in Amsterdam, it is easy to get tons of beautiful Insta-worthy photos around this canal. This is a pretty long canal, so you have plenty of opportunities to get great photos. The photo below is at the crossroads of Vijzelstraat and Prinsengracht.

Amsterdam Canals travel guide
Amsterdam Price’s Canal

Rembrandt Square

Rembrandt Square doesn’t get enough love in the photo department. This beautiful square has cherry blossoms in the spring, and you can capture cool tram line photos with leading lines off of Rembrandtplein Street.

This is also a very lively area with restaurants and bars, so if you’re looking for photos, don’t come too late in the day. As you can see from my photo below, there are a ton of people out and about. It is also worth mentioning that we loved dinner at Three Sisters.

Rembrandt Square in Amsterdam

Bloemgracht Canal

Located in the Jordaan neighborhood, the Bloemgracht Canal is another one of the top Instagrammable places in Amsterdam. It runs right off of Prinsengracht Canal, which usually has colorful bikes, and as you continue down, the views get even better.

Photo Tip: Head to the second bridge crossing on Tweede to capture the photo below!

Atlas Maior Bridge in Amsterdam
Atlas Maior Bridge in Jordaan

Halvemaansbrug Bridge

You have to experience a sunset at one of the canals in Amsterdam, and I believe this is one of the most photogenic places to be for those sunset sky colors. This bridge has a nice view of the canal, and the buildings are all lit up as the sun goes down! Plus depending on which way you face, you can also capture beautiful traditional Dutch buildings.

Sunset from the Halvemaansbrug Bridge
Halvemaansbrug Bridge Sunset

Blauwburgwal Street

If you are looking to capture some really nice reflections with the canals, head to Blauwburgwal Street between Singel and Herengracht. This is a small canal section that doesn’t get as much traffic, so the water tends to be more still, which is perfect for reflections. We randomly walked down this street and I think it is a photo gem!

Canal with bridge in Amsterdam


Not only is Herengracht Canal considered one of the most prominent in the city, but it is also one of the most photo-worthy canals as well! If you continue down Vijzelstraat from Prinsengracht, you will be right in this spot. I personally think the Prinsegracht view is a little nicer, but this viewpoint is close by and also nice.

Herengracht Canal is one of the most Instagrammable places in Amsterdam

Zaanse Schans

Zaanse Schans is outside Amsterdam, but if you want those classic photos with the windmills, you have to take a day trip. Plus, it is so easy to get here! We took the bus, and it took around 50 minutes. After you’re done taking all your photos, you can even go inside the windmills and explore around the gardens. Here are the best things to do in Zaanse Schans.

Nearby is also the “lego-looking” building, the Inntel Hotel.

Photo Tip: For those Instagrammable photos, I recommend getting here early. This is one of the most popular day trips from Amsterdam.

Photoshoot with the Windmills at Zaanse Schans

Flower Bikes

I would be remiss not to mention all the beautiful flower bikes around the city to take photos with. These bikes are designed by the man dubbed “the flower bike man,” and he decorates some stunning bikes that can be seen throughout Amsterdam. To find some of his latest designs, you can check his Instagram page!

Instagrammable Amsterdam Bikes
Instagrammable Amsterdam Bikes

View From the Herenstraat & Prinsenstraat Canal Bridge

It is starting to feel like I need to just add all the canal bridges, but I really love this one because there are beautiful houseboats on either side and a three arch brick bridge in the distance, making it picture-perfect. This was another viewpoint I stumbled on, and I think it makes a perfect Instagram photo or a part of any reel/TikTok.

Herenstraat and Prinsenstraat Canal Bridge view

Honorary Amsterdam Instagrammable Food

Let’s not forget that Amsterdam has some Instagrammable food! The Stroopwafel photos are my favorite, except I was so hungry I didn’t make it to the canal to take my photo. So, if you have some patience, a photo holding your stroopwafel with the canal in the background makes for the perfect setting.

Stroopwafel in Amsterdam is a must with 3 days

(Do NOT Take Pics) The Red Light

I have seen The Red Light District on more lists than I can count, but it is actually illegal to take photos here! You can even get fined right on the spot if you get caught taking photos. This street is infamous, so I get why people want to take photos here, but please don’t risk it and possibly ruin your trip.

Amsterdam Instagram Spots Review

That wraps up my favorite Instagrammable places to take photos in Amsterdam. I hope you enjoy them too! Additionally, check my Ultimate Netherlands Travel Guide here! If you like my photos, here is an idea of what’s in my camera bag.

If you discover any new spots, have questions, or one of the places is no longer there, let me know in the comments below!

Most Instagrammable places in Amsterdam
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