Complete Bali Packing List

Bali Packing List Guide on What to Bring, Wear, and More!

So you are planning an epic trip to Bali, Indonesia, and wondering what to pack. After spending over a month in Southeast Asia, I learned that there were some items I wish I had, especially in Bali. So in this Bali packing list, I include everything you should pack for your vacation!

This Bali packing list guide is perfect for those looking for a luxury vacation, digital nomads, and even backpackers to an extent.

Broken Beach Nusa Islands guide
Nusa Penida

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Weather in Bali

Before jumping into all the must-pack items for visiting Bali, I want to first briefly discuss the weather in Bali. Bali has 2 weather seasons, dry and rainy season.

If you’re visiting during the months of November-March, then you are visiting during Bali’s rainy season. You can expect the temperature to range from around 72°F to 90°F.

During the months of April-October, the weather is hot and humid with little rain. This is the dry season, so the temperatures will be around the high 80s to 90s °F.

We spent May in Bali, and it was very hot and humid. It did not rain too often.

Tegenungan Waterfall Ubud, Bali

Essential Bali Packing List Items

To start this Bali packing list off, let’s start with the items that I believe you definitely shouldn’t forget, because you may not be able to get them in Bali, or they are more expensive to get in Bali.


You should definitely bring your own sunscreen with you to Bali. This is because a lot of sunscreen has whitening agents in Bali. These products have specific chemicals that are designed to whiten the skin.

Additionally, sunscreen can also be more expensive in Bali. The two sunscreen brands I recommend are Blue Lizard Australian Sensitive Sunscreen SPF 30 and Juice Beauty SPF 30 Sport Moisturizer (my favorite). Both are reef-safe sunscreen.

No matter what time of year you visit, make sure you have sunscreen with you.

Juice Beauty Sunscreen in the sand at beach


Finding the deodorant you like can also be difficult to find in Bali. If you do manage to find your deodorant, it can be expensive.

The deodorant I love using is the Tom’s of Maine Natural deodorant, which is vegan and made from natural ingredients. It is important to note that with natural ingredients, you may have to reapply throughout the day, which is totally worth it, in my opinion!

First Aid Scar Reducer/ Neosporin

If you’re the adventure type, minor injuries when traveling may occur, especially if you’re planning to hike and explore Bali.

Finding creams that reduce scarring is also more difficult, so I suggest bringing your own just as a precautionary method.

Wet Wipes

In Western culture, we often use toilet paper however, aside from hotels, you usually won’t find toilet paper in the bathrooms. In Bali, they use a toilet water hose instead or even a bucket of water at some squat toilets.

This is actually very common across the majority of Asian countries, but it can be strange to adapt to it. So, adding wet wipes to your Bali packing list is a good idea.  

Insect Repellent

Another must-have item when visiting Bali is bug spray. There are natural options, however, I don’t want to chance getting dengue fever, so I always go with bug spray that has Deet.

We used OFF Deep Woods Repellent, which has 25% DEET and keeps those pesky mosquito bites at bay! 

Phone Battery Power Bank

I can’t imagine traveling without a power bank, especially with all the photos we take. On top of that, using GPS is always a drain on your phone battery, so having a charging bank can be a life safer.

We have a larger battery pack that charges two phones, but if it is just you, opting for the smaller one might be a better use of space.

Here is a small one or a larger one.

Day Bag

I would also highly suggest having a large backpack while in Bali. This will come in handy to hold things such as bug spray, water, sunscreen, a travel towel, and any of your other personal items, like cameras. It also works perfectly as a carry-on.

Osprey is known to have some of the best travel backpacks out there. Because we travel with camera gear, I use  Lowe Pro backpacks which also act as a travel backpack to hold my additional items!

Nusa Islands in Bali with travel backpack
Nusa Islands boat transfer in Bali with my Lowe Pro Backpack

Universal Adapter

No matter where you are traveling, a universal adapter is always needed and can be re-used wherever you go. This universal adaptor allowed us to visit the UK, Europe, and Southeast Asia with no problem!

Feminine Products

You may struggle to find tampons while in Bali. If you do happen to find them, they may not be the quality/brand that you are used to.

Therefore, I always make sure to overpack these products – just in case! If you are concerned about them taking up space, then you could consider switching to a menstrual cup.

Quickdry Towels

I will never take a beach vacation without quick dry towels. Not only are they extremely lightweight, which makes packing them easy, but they are also sand-resistant and do a good job of drying you. I have 2 of the large sizes, which are perfect!

What to Wear in Bali Packing List

Now that you have your necessities for traveling to Bali, let’s cover what to pack and wear in Bali.

Although a tropical island, the Bali local culture is a bit more conservative, especially in places of worship. This will cover things to pack and wear for both women and men.

Shoes to Wear in Bali

In Bali, flat shoes are recommended when exploring. You will find most people wearing hiking sandals. These usually have a grip, are waterproof, and have straps to hold your feet in.

It can get very wet in Bali, so shoes that are waterproof or dry off quickly are important.

I have found these Teva sandals are surprisingly great for rainy days. Although they may not be the most stylish, they are practical and, of course, comfortable.

They grip easily on slippery roads and pavements, and they are also not as bulky as other water-resistant sandals. Teva has men’s styles as well.

If you want something slightly cuter to wear, you can get Birkenstock sandals that are waterproof. I have the regular sandals that I love, and I hear good things about the waterproof option.

Also, a pair of flip flops for the beach too!

I would also recommend a pair of athletic sneakers for more adventurous hikes.

wearing teva sandals at waterfall
Tegenungan waterfalls

Shawls & Long Dresses/Skirts

Bali has a modest dress code, especially when entering any place of worship. I always recommend keeping a shawl or scarf in your bag so you can easily cover your shoulders if needed.

They do sell shawls at a lot of shops if you do forget yours.

Additionally, I suggest packing long dresses and skirts as they adhere to the dress code, and are comfortable and cooler than wearing pants, in my opinion.

Personally, I would add a couple of summer dresses to your Bali packing list. If you like skirts, my favorite long flowy skirts come from Chicwish.

Wearing flowy dresses and skirts is also very popular at the rice paddies in Ubud.

If your knees or shoulders are showing, you usually can not enter the temple. However, many times they have shawls for you at the entry if needed.

You can find more of my favorite travel outfits here.

Gates to heaven in Bali Indonesia
Gates of Heaven Bali

Shirts to Pack for Bali

When it comes to your tops, you will want to pack lightweight shirts and tank tops. I am pretty sure there wasn’t a day I didn’t feel like I was covered in sweat, so pick a color that doesn’t make it look so obvious as a dark grey would.

The same goes for men. Sleeveless tops and regular cotton shirts will do the trick. Even a dry-fit sweat-wicking shirt might be a good idea.

Scooters on Nusa Islands

Shorts and Pants

The theme is starting to become very apparent about how hot and humid it gets in Bali. So, adding a pair of shorts to your Bali packing list is quite obvious. I packed at least 3 pairs of denim shorts and a couple of athletic shorts.

Additionally, I would add a couple of pairs of long pants, think paper bag pants, and yoga pants. Ubud, Bali, is known for its yoga! Having long pants is also nice in helping you prevent getting bit by bugs.

The same will go for men. Having some athletic shorts or light cargo shorts is a good choice for Bali. You can even use your swimming trunks by the beach area.

For long pants, jeans may feel too heavy, so a pair of lighter safari-like pants can be a good option.

Nusa Islands beach blue water and woman standing


Bali has a tropical climate that changes often and quickly! Depending on the season, taking a raincoat when traveling to Bali may be a smart idea.

Will you be hot with a raincoat? Maybe. Did I care about being hot? Nope, and I brought my raincoat with me. During Bali’s wet season, they receive a fair amount of rain. My husband and I both use the Columbia raincoats that fold up into the pocket, making them more compact.

You could also bring one of those compactable umbrellas too or in place of a raincoat!

Bathing Suits

Known for its beautiful beaches, you can’t visit Bali without packing a few cute swimsuits. Even if you were staying in the Jungles of Ubud, I could almost guarantee you would want to soak by the hotel pool.

Here are some cute swimsuits to choose from.

Cute Cutout One Piece | Cute Bandeau Bikini | Ribbed Checky Two Piece | Cover-up

Men, don’t forget your swim trunks!

Bali Ubud Roof top pool. Woman in green one piece bathing suit at sunset

Sun Hat and Sunglasses

A great accessory to bring with you to Bali is a sunhat. As a tropical place, it is generally very hot. Sunhats are also great for accessories or even by the beach.

Floppy hat

Another must-have in Bali is sunglasses. It gets extremely bright, so you will want to have those sunnies!

Shoe Bag or Reusable Bag

For any exploration, taking a shoe bag is a game-changer! It can be surprising how muddy certain terrains are. Having a reusable bag or a shoe bag will help prevent dirt from transferring to your clothes.

Also, don’t forget your socks, undergarments, belt, and PJ’s!

Other Items to Pack for Bali

In this section of the Bali packing list, I want to include other items I think you should bring with you. Some of these items you may be able to buy on the island.

Waterproof Phone Case

Bali is brimming with exotic beaches to visit, so having a waterproof phone case is vital if you are planning on taking photos by the water.

Even if you aren’t by the beach, you may want to explore some waterfalls, where a waterproof phone case will be a good idea. This is the waterproof phone case I have.

If you know you will be visiting the beach, you may want to take a quick peek at my beach vacation packing list as well!

Beach items for beach bag vacation

Dry Bag

Like the quick dry towels, having a dry bag is something that I always try to remember. These are particularly useful if you’re planning on participating in any water sports like kayaking or exploring waterfalls.

Sometimes you can find vendors selling dry bags, but just in case, I rather bring one than have to worry about my valuable items.

Classic Bali Bag

This is an item I think you should get in Bali. I would save room in your luggage to bring home a classic Bali bag. They are super cute and locally made, so you know it will be authentic.

Tirta Empul Gate in Ubud Bali. Woman standing in doorway with white tank top and colorful tie skirt of orange and browns.
Wearing a classic Bali Bag

Reusable Water Bottle

The tap water in Bali is not safe to drink. So, you may want to consider bringing a filtered water bottle like Lifestraw or a water sterilizer such as Steripen. These will help keep your water safe to consume, and they also help to reduce waste.

Underwater Camera

Bali has so many opportunities for capturing amazing underwater wildlife. Having a GoPro is a great way to capture photos and videos underwater. In fact, I never go to a tropical destination without my GoPro Hero 7!

To elevate your photos even more, you can use a dome casing for half under the water and half over the water effect.

See what’s in my camera bag for more of my favorites! 

You can also fly drones in Bali recreationally. I have the DJI Air 2 that I love using. You can find all my camera gear here!

Travel Snorkel Gear

If you are visiting the beach or any of the Indonesian islands around Bali, I would consider bringing your own travel snorkel gear. When we went snorkeling, I wasn’t crazy about the gear they gave us, or how sanitary it may be lol.

Toiletries To Pack for Bali

Last but not least, here are the toiletry items I would recommend adding to your Bali packing list.

  • Packing cubes – They can be good for organizing clothing or separating dirty clothes.
  • Airtags in case your luggage gets lost.
  • Chapstick
  • Medications
  • Hair ties
  • Antibacterial Hand Sanitizer
  • Luggage Scale
  • Stomach medicine in case you get Bali Belly (food poisoning/ travelers diarrhea)
  • Zip lock baggies
  • Money Belt

Other things not to forget include your passport, travel insurance, credit cards, debit card, cash, setting up your electronic sim card, and any medical travel documents you may need to carry.

Remember, passports should be valid for at least 6 months, and always check if you can get a visa on arrival or if you will need to apply beforehand.

Nusa Island guide Kelingking Beach
Nusa Islands Guide -Kelingking Beach

Bali Packing List: Wrap-up

That’s it! You’re ready to go! You now know the best things to add to your Bali packing list. Whether you are a digital nomad or planning your ultimate Bali honeymoon, you should be all set!

Have any questions about this Bali packing list, or feel like something is missing? Let me know in the comments below!

Did you find this Bali packing guide helpful? I’d appreciate it if you could save it below.

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